Kids love our app. Here are some features that make WeetWoo among the most used apps on parent’s iOS devices

Great Content

Kids will find thousands of entertaining videos, categorized in a simple no-need-to-read manner. We review each video before we publish it. These are not just “kid-safe” videos. Safe videos could be boring — like watching a wheel turn. We want the videos to be fun, distracting, and maybe educational. That’s why kids love WeetWoo.

New Videos Added Regularly

We are constantly looking for the best videos for kids on YouTube. When we publish it to WeetWoo, you can access it immediately. No need to update the app. It updates automatically with the new videos. If you have any favorite videos you’d like to see on WeetWoo, let us know!


We not only review the videos, we also arrange them in sequence so that kids can continue to watch their favorite videos without additional searching or browsing around. If they are crazy for zoo videos, they can see 20 animal videos back-to-back just by rotating the app after a video is completed. We automatically advance to the next !

Easy to Navigate

Every channel, every video and every playlist has a unique icon or thumbnail that kids can easily identify. We make it simple for kids to explore and find what they want, without needing any adult help. They just point and click on what they want.

Surprise Me

Give the app a shake, and we serve up a random video from whichever channel or playlist your kid is browsing.

Age Settings

Parents can set and change the age-setting for videos in the General Settings of your iOS device. Once set, all channels, playlists and videos are adjusted to match the particular age group. If you want to see all the videos for all ages, just select ALL

About Us

WeetWoo is created by two dads, one in Portland (Jonathan) and the other in San Francisco (Manolo)


You can find us online