Help & Support for Weet Woo!

Thanks for your interest in Weet Woo. If you’re having problems, please know that we won’t be satisfied until we solve them. Below are a few common questions and answers that have come up. You can find information on how to contact us a the bottom of this page or on the CONTACT page.

Does Weet Woo require an internet connection?

Yes. The videos we make available are streamed from YouTube as you watch them, and not stored on your device for later use.

One of the videos in the playlist is broken

If the “TV” with the triangle appears gray with a big stripe across it, it means that video is no longer available on YouTube for mobile playback.

We can’t control how long a video appears on YouTube.
We do our best to remove these videos from WeetWoo as quickly as possible, but occasionally one will remain for a day or two.

All of the videos are broken.

If you can see the “CoverFlow” scrolling list of videos at the bottom of the screen but the “TV” above is always gray with a stripe across it, you most likely have YouTube disabled in your device’s parental controls. As WeetWoo streams videos from YouTube, YouTube must be allowed on the device.

You can re-enable YouTube by:
going to your device’s Settings app,
into General settings,
then into Restrictions
(you may be prompted to enter you device’s passcode).
Ensure that the switch next to YouTube is set to ON.

If your switch is set to OFF like in the picture, YouTube will not work on the device, and therefore, no videos will work on WeetWoo.

Please set your switch to ON to allow videos to play on WeetWoo.

Things are still broken.

It’s possible that your copy of Weet Woo has a corrupt playlist database. To re-create the database:
go into your device’s Settings app,
scroll down and select Weet Woo!,
then select Problems?
Tap the switch next to Reload On Start.

The next time you launch Weet Woo it will re-load the entire playlist database from the internet. Please ensure you have a good internet connection before trying this.

Contacting Us

If your questions or problems haven’t been solved, please contact us by phone or email:


About Us

WeetWoo is created by two dads, one in Portland (Jonathan) and the other in San Francisco (Manolo)


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