Since our launch in the app store in 2009, we have received dozens of fantastic reviews and awards.

Winner, Best Entertainment App for Kids 2011

#2, Best Overall App for Kids 2011

Winner, Best iPhone App for Kids 2010

Winner, Best Fun & Games App for Kids 2010

Where do I even begin to describe the delight that is Weet Woo!, my favorite iPhone app for children? My children love YouTube, but the thought of them anywhere near it makes me very wary. This is where Weet Woo! and its genius come into play. The app pulls in child-appropriate content and puts it in a format that is safe and easy for them to navigate.

Top 10 PreSchool Apps

Common Sense Media

Parents need to know this app has handpicked YouTube videos that are 100 percent kid friendly … Parents can further filter for three different age ranges, from 3 years to 9+..

AppsFire Finalist, International Competition, 2009

AppsFire App Discovery

An international team of technology executives and iPhone developers reviewed us and liked what they saw. Oh, and this was BEFORE we officially launched !

Favorite Apps of 2009

The iPhone Mom

WeetWoo showcases children’s videos from YouTube and it is one of the best kid apps that I have seen…I highly, highly recommend this app. … WeetWoo! gives you hours and hours of educational and entertaining videos that your kids will love and is a definite keeper!

…and more love from

WeetWoo offers one-stop parent-curated video browsing for kids. It’s the perfect antidote for all those questionable ads and skeevy YouTube videos you’d rather your little darlings didn’t see while looking for something educational and entertaining to watch…The app is very intuitive and easy to navigate and there’s a truly diverse selection of great videos…One of the best kids’ apps in the iTunes store for parents looking for innocent entertainment for their kids.

…and more love from appboy

Weet Woo for iPhone delivers thousands of hand picked YouTube videos for all ages… This app is a must have for the average parent… I was pleasantly surprised by this app, I honestly did not expect it to be this good, but it is.

…the kind folks at appAdvice loved us as well…

One of the best kids apps on the app store

and another great review from the folks at App a Day

Always age-appropriate content for your child to watch…

About Us

WeetWoo is created by two dads, one in Portland (Jonathan) and the other in San Francisco (Manolo)


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